Monday, May 11, 2009

How to Get Cancer, Jordan

As I said in “How Cancer Works” cancer is an unregulated growth of cells. The things that should not be eaten are foods that will cause a mutation or tumor to grow in our systems such as MSG "The total picture is -- if you're consuming a diet with glutamate (MSG) in it, particularly high levels, you're making your cancer grow very rapidly. I refer to it as cancer fertilizer." Dr. Russell Blaylock so food with MSG, like instant simian, canned soups, fast foods, snack foods. Just to be safe you’d probably want to check the food label. ( Another thing to look for is high sugar and foods with trans fats. These foods in the presence of a tumor will also accelerate and speed its growth. All in all these foods, shouldn’t be eaten anyways because they aren’t only good for cancer, but also bad for you body.

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